This past weekend, I went to get a massage.

I don’t do it often, but occasionally the span of a Saturday afternoon lay open before me, all pristine and unscheduled.  It’s then I pick up the phone and call to see if there are any openings.  I don’t see the same person each time, it’s more a matter of who is available.  This time, it was Glenn.

As we got started, Glenn noticed my tension and said “Relax.  Today, you’re not at work – I am.  Today, you’re the boss.”

I screamed like a girl and fled in terror.


(That last part didn’t happen.  What really happened is that I relaxed and enjoyed my massage.  And wrote this little blog post in my head.  So, sure, it’s a scary story about a massage but at least it has a happy ending.)

Here’s what happened later:


Blog Cartoon Aug 13 2012 Large