Hi. Did you miss me?

Probably not. Anyone who is reading this probably gets huge doses of me on other platforms, Facebook, Twitter.  You didn’t get rid of me in those places, did you? What it boils down to is this – I deprive you all of a chance to miss me because I NEVER LEAVE. My most sincere apologies for that.

Let me catch up those of you who don’t keep up with me on those other platforms. The last you heard from me was in June regarding that damn  cancer diagnosis. After that? Nothing, nada. I went quiet.  I GOT BUSY, so cut me some slack. Jeez.

So, let’s review:

  • Cancer diagnosis
  • Lots of doctor appointments
  • Trip to Cancun
  • Surgery
  • Recovery
  • Move child to college
  • Radiation

BRB, need to take a nap after that.

What it boils down to is this: we’re done with cancer. The treatment is over, the prognosis is very good. They won’t use words like ‘cure’ until a sufficient amount of time has passed, but for all intents and purposes, we’re done. We moved the teen daughter to her college and she got all settled in. We’re carrying on here at Chez Linda with two out of five daughters left under our roof, which makes it much faster to get a table in a restaurant. We have that adorable grandson who gets even more adorable with every passing day. And we have another grandchild (different daughter) coming in May. We’re good here. More than good. We’re so very fortunate in so many ways.

All of this being over has left me even more time for my Twitter addiction.  This has led to an opportunity to be included in a book of funny parenting tweets.



It’s true! I’m in this book. Here’s the proof:

Big Book Profile Pic


And a little tiny sample of what kind of silliness you can expect:



OK, so it’s an anthology and only a handful of my stuff made it in there, but you have to trust me – there are many other people funnier than I am. I know – it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. I was just as shocked as you are right now. I had to take a moment to pull myself together once I realized. You, too, will somehow summon the strength to go on.

This book, like my corner of Twitter itself, is hilarious.

In fact, if you want to dip your toe into the hilarity of Twitter before you make a substantial investment of $4.99, here’s how you can do that: visit Hall of Tweets.  Kate Hall is the editor for this book and she curates a regular “Funniest Tweets” list on her blog. She also does a Beyond the Bio series where she interviews people like me who neglect our jobs, marriages, children, and hygiene in order to be funny on Twitter for absolutely no other reason than to put more laughter into the world (mostly our own, we like to laugh a lot at our own jokes). Kate interviewed me recently, in case you want to avoid that page like the plague.

If you like to laugh, you’ll love this book.

For me, laughter is as essential as oxygen. It helps us get through cancer and children moving to college and the drudgery of work and every other little thing that is difficult in our lives.

Hi, I’m Linda, and I’m Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee on Laughter. We’re glad you’re here.