In the early days of blogging, I was verbose. I was loquacious. I was garrulous. I was far too dependent upon my thesaurus.  I would write until I passed out from exhaustion. “There. I’ve given them everything I have. They shall bow down in adulation and appreciation.”

But they never did. Thank God.

These days, I’m rather blunt. Fewer words, more disdain. Sometimes I’m mean. Always trying to compensate for my own shortcomings. Sometimes I growl at you. These are all the reasons you love me. I know that.

Bitter old Woman


You probably expected more. Nope, this is it. I may be short on content but I’m long on bitterness.

Thanks for stopping by, loser.

(Actually, I’m doing this for you. I don’t think you have time for long, rambling blog posts anymore. I’m so sorry I called you a loser. Also, I’m 5’6″ tall and I don’t feel I need to compensate for anything except my tendency to use run-on sentences and the fact that I make my cartoons in PowerPoint.)