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Don’t Freak Out

Dex Easter for The HubShe wasn’t expected; she just arrived at my front door and said “Hey!” as she walked in like she always does.

She may be 30 but she’s my child and this was her house at one time and there is no need to knock. I’m glad we have a ‘just walk in’ house. I like that.

She was toting the car-seat carrier with the heavy sleeping baby as she breezed into the family room.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“I have to tell you something and I didn’t want to do it over the phone.” she said. She was casual, setting the baby seat down and keeping busy with putting the diaper bag and her purse on the breakfast bar. She walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator looking for something to eat. I’m glad we have the kind of house where they just head to the refrigerator and look for something to eat. I like that.

She came out with some cheese and was busy breaking it into pieces and popping them into her mouth as she picked up the story.

“Don’t freak out.” she said. “Dex’s pediatrician referred us to a specialist and we just came from the appointment. They did some tests and we don’t have the results yet, but they think he may have some neurological disorder, a degenerative one.”

She was minimizing it. Her every action said “This is no big deal. We will not over-react.” but I’m a mother too and I know this child of mine and I know how strong the gene is to minimize something on the outside while you’re falling to pieces on the inside. That’s my gene. I gave her that gene.

While her actions belied the situation, her eyes gave her away and the quiver in her voice was, well, degenerative. She continued “If he has this, over time he will lose muscle control on half his body. His mouth will droop, he will list to one side, he will shuffle when he walks. He will drool a lot.”

She was barely holding it together now.

I didn’t hesitate. I used the only comfort that I am comfortable in giving, my words.

“Well, first of all, let’s wait for the results. But guess what? If he does have this, here’s the deal. That boy is the luckiest boy in the world because he will be surrounded by a huge army made up of the Metzler family and the Murphy family and the Doty family and the Hemenway family. This is where having a huge family of freaks comes in handy. That boy? He will be loved on and laughed with and laughed at and challenged and fought with and the only thing he will be allowed to feel amongst this crazy parade of freaks and weirdos is normal, because he will be.”

And I held her as she let the tears flow and hoped she knew that what I said was both wise and true.

I woke up then, the morning light creeping around the edges of the window shade.  I was shaking and crying myself, this awake me.  In the dream, I didn’t crack. In the dream I was strong and confident and wise but in the hangover of the dream I was shaken.

It was just a dream, I knew. But every aspect of it was so real – the house, the actions of my grown daughter, her mannerisms, the way the scene played out, all fresh and real in my waking mind.

I lay there and reveled in the wonder of my own imparted wisdom. Would I have actually come up with that in a real situation? Could I have?

I realized the mom I was in that dream is the mom I aspired to be, hoped I would be when called upon by a crisis.  It has a tiny element of the “Suck it up, Buttercup.” for which I am known, perhaps, but it had an emotional fortitude that I wasn’t sure I had a right to claim – that hasn’t yet been tried and tested in the real world.

My husband rolled over, feeling the bed shaking from my silent crying. I told him about the dream and said “That’s the mom I should be.”

“That’s the mom you already are.” he said nonchalantly as he wrapped his arms around me. He comforts with his arms and his empathy. I comfort with words of strength.

I hope that if the day comes when both of our methods to comfort are needed to face some crisis, our children feel the fullness of what the two of us bring to the table on our parenting journey.

As parents, we may list to one side and drool occasionally, but we love them and, in the end we all have a little bit of freak in us anyway.

I didn’t freak out. I came downstairs and wrote on my blog.


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Marriage is all About Entrapment

JustLinda Cartoon EntrapmentRIP, Neil Armstrong.  I bet you never assumed your wife was stupid.

This isn’t the first time he’s fallen for my trap, but sometimes it backfires on me.  One of my favorite posts I’ve written was about just such a situation.  Come to think of it, that was written on the day Alexander Haig died.  Could it be that he’s trying to entrap me every time some dude I might not know kicks the bucket?  Hmmmmm… Who is the cat and who is the mouse in this marriage?

We may never know.

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I Think I’ve Found Religion…

ecstasyI’ve been thinking about God lately.

I’m no historian, and I haven’t proof, but I am pretty sure that there was a chapter removed from the bible.  Probably the censors tore it out of there, or possibly the nuns from my grade school parish.  It was right there at the end of Genesis.

Conjured entirely from the logic center of my brain, I shall share with you my belief about what it said.

First, all that 7-day stuff happened as per the historical records (ahem).  I’m not challenging that.  But God, he’s a busy and restless dude.  I think on the 7th day, he looked into his crystal ball (or whatever it is that God uses to look into the future) and took things a step further.

He saw Eve all bitchy, sniping “Am I the only one who is capable of doing these damned dishes or replacing the toilet paper on the roller?”

He saw Adam, just trying to pick a fight “Would it kill you to shave your legs once in a while?”

He saw the two of them in their California King bed with their 800 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, her facing outward on the one side and him facing out on the opposite.

“No, no.  This will never do.” thought God.  “I made them fruitful.  The plan is that they multiply!”

So on the 8th day, God created the orgasm.

And it was good.

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